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Day 2 : Rest

July 26th, 2011 · Uncategorized

Last night’s run took a lot out of me. I felt fine when I went to bed but I woke up this morning with a very sore throat and feeling super tired. I’ll take today being Tuesday off so hopefully I’ll be running again on Wednesday. My original plan was to hit the stationary bike but again just feeling exhausted after the train ride home after work.

My running supporters a.k.a workmates, thought I should consider trying the gym in response to my problems with winter weather. I like the idea of running indoors so I don’t keep getting sick but I’m not sure I want to spend the cash. I liked the idea of running originally cause it was free. If I feel ill after tomorrow’s run again, I might reconsider as the 10kms is creeping closer and closer every day.

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Day 1 Running : Success

July 25th, 2011 · Exercise, me

Just thought I would check in quickly, since that is what I promised.
Took it easy tonight with a 20 minute run, not sure the distance as my GPS seemed to not be functioning properly.
Looking forward to a run tomorrow, this first week will be tough but I’ll just keep at it.
I didn’t complete the first challenge of my couch to 10km iphone app either but we’ll see about tomorrow.

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New Beginnings . . . hopefully

July 24th, 2011 · Exercise, me

So perhaps you are all wondering how my 10km training has been going? Well in short – not so great. I’ve been plagued with a lot of issues i.e. lots of work, a bad stomach flu followed with a regular flu blah blah blah blah. I know what you’re thinking that those sound like a lot of excuses which they are.

The sad thing is I have two running tops in my wardrobe needing to be broken in and a running support group to cheer me on but my training has slowed to a halt. How does that make any sense? I’m wondering if this is a peaks and valleys type idea, somethings gotta give . . .

I’ve downloaded the couch to 10k bridging application on my iphone. My first 5 km was made possible by the couch to 5km app so this should help me out. I hate to say it but the 10 km is closing in fast and there is little time for messing around. So this is my commitment to the internet, I will run this week at least 3 times and I will checkin to chart my progress!

See you all after my run tomorrow!

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I had a good title for this post . . .

June 13th, 2011 · Uncategorized

Yes, I had a great title for this post but it seems to have escaped me. I was out on a 4.5 kms run with my friend this morning. I won’t lie and say I was excited to run today. I laid in bed debating the topic for a good 20 mins till I said “yes!”.

I should really write down on the wall beside my bed “After you’ve gone for a run everything will be better.” No matter how many times I go out thinking I might die in the kilometers to come, I usually feel better when I get back. I always seem to forget this truth when I’m debating putting on my gear. I think of every excuse under the sun not to run somedays except the one reason I should run which is it does feel good. I almost always come back more relaxed and focused, life suddenly feels a lot lighter.

When I first read that running makes you a better person, I was like “riiigghhhht” in a very sarcastic tone. My thinking was running makes you fitter but I had no idea about ‘other’ effects. When I’m running every day the days go faster, I focus harder and I laugh a lot more. I also need less sleep which I haven’t figured out yet. You’d think I would be ready to go bed a lot earlier, but its the opposite. I’ll be laying in bed and planning my next day, then I’ll get so excited about my next day I can’t sleep. That just doesn’t happen on a non running day!

I’m debating whether or not I commit to running every day this week rain or shine. I’m also debating starting to run in the morning before work to give my day a lot more energy and focus.I might give it a go on Friday, so if I do get super tired later in the day its Friday so no harm done. The only downside is time restriction in the morning, I can only maybe squish in 30 minutes which is about 4.5-5 kms at my pace. This would be okay for now but I’m going to need to start running a good 45 minutes soon to stay on track for my 10kms. I wonder if you run 5 kms in the morning then another 2-3kms at night if that counts? From what I’ve read its all about getting the mileage into your legs, does it matter if its split up over the day?

I’ve also been thinking about strength training, would it help if I started doing 10 push ups, 20 sit ups and some jumping jacks prior to a run? Jury is out on that one . ..

Same with the jury is out on my eating, doing way way better this week, actually very well in controlling what I eat. I need to do some more reading in the nutrition area, but I have a great list of possible reads from the back of Chi Running. There seems to be a few different thoughts on food  . . . I’ve leave that for another post.



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First Run Back!

June 7th, 2011 · brisbane, Cleveland, Exercise, me, Uncategorized

I just wanted to let everyone know I did my first after run break tonight. It was 2.45 kms but it was fun and I came back wanting more. All I focused on was smiling and just letting my body do its thing without expectations. I’m just going to keep easing back into things, my new goal is run as far as I’m smiling and we will see how far that takes me.

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Back on Track

June 6th, 2011 · Uncategorized

I’m happy to report the break is working! Taking a week off has been great! I feel my mood lifting and my diet is back on track. Today I feel sugar withdrawal and I have a nasty headache as a result. On the plus side, I’m reading two books right now that are putting my journey back into perspective.

The first book I have is Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, which is definitely a page turner of a running book. I have read a few technical manuals on the physics and mechanics of running but they were very dry. This book is completely the opposite, it really focuses on the joy and passion that motivates runners to do ultra marathons. It makes my 5 kms look pretty wimpy, but it does make 10 kms very achievable even if it is small. Reading this book on the way home on the train made me want to run home from the station. I can’t wait to get out and take my legs for a spin. Born to Run has really inspired me to see if I can push myself harder and experiment with my speed.

I think, to date, I have been very worried about running out of energy and have been super keen on keeping an even pace to ensure I don’t get too tired. Born to Run kind of proves the opposite, it says just go for broke and your body will carry you through. Since I don’t really run that far, why not try going all out and see how long I last. So what if I have to walk a bit, its not the end of the world like I thought it was. I need to experiment and embrace fatigue instead of fighting it or being terrified of it.

The second book I’m ripping through is Tiffiny Hall’s book Weightloss Warrior, which is completely different in tone and flavour to ultramarathons. It is more of a casual read about living a healthy lifestyle from a martial arts perspective. Tiffiny has a fun writing voice and a common sense attitude. So far I have taken away the notion of eating more whole foods and less sugar. I hadn’t really considered how much sugar I eat, but I know my biggest demon might be cutting back on the sugar.

I’m very excited to take my legs out for a run tomorrow and will report back on my progress!

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Taking a Chill Pill

June 1st, 2011 · brisbane, Cleveland, Exercise, me, things I've learnt

In some ways I regret yesterday’s post and in some ways it all had to be said. I am proud of myself for completing my first 5kms and I think I need to give myself a bit more time to recover from it. Thanks to a conversation with a co worker and Google, I learnt alot about post race depression. Its when some one works their butt off for a physical goal, they meet it and then don’t know what to do with themselves afterwards. I can relate to this idea, since my 5kms there has been a bit of a void in my mindset. I don’t have this hungry need to prove myself and get out there every night. Even though I have a new goal of 10kms, I’ve been feeling really down about my running and myself. My new plan of attack is to let myself relax for the rest of the week and maybe do some yoga.

I’ll give myself the rest of the week to just think about running and pick up the ball on the weekend again. As promised I’ve picked up a new book on running that isn’t technical but just celebrates running culture. I’m going to watch what I eat as well sticking with weight watchers. But not sticking to it hard core, just recording what I eat and being conscious of my choices.

Today was a ruff day for me mentally, so I think I need to make peace with my emotions and take it easy for a bit. You’ll be the first to know how my next run, eating or exercise goes.



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Soon to be Lizzy in Brizzy vs. the Bridge!

May 31st, 2011 · brisbane, Cleveland, Exercise, food, me, things I've learnt

So I’m in a bit of a training slump. If this were a movie, this is where some one takes me aside and gives me the moving speech that puts me back on track. I start feeling better and destroy all the obstacles in my way. Unfortunately, no one has done that yet, the role is available if you’re interested.

I started running 86 kms, all my runs in total, ago to do my first 5km at the Koala Fun Run. I can happily say I succeeded at that goal and completed it in just over 33 minutes. It was definitely not easy and I have a lot of mixed feelings about my race. Overall, I finished and I’m going to take a few learnings for my next race which is going to be the 10 km Bridge to Brisbane in September.

Today was my first run after my 5kms on Sunday, I could only muster up 2.2 kms at a very very slow pace. I was in survival mode, wanted to do it but not really but knew I should. When I got back, I didn’t feel better for doing it, just glad that was over for the day.

This brings me back to this blog, I think I need to be more accountable in two areas of my life : my running and my eating. Both are getting a bit out of control and I have been doing a half assed job of both – again.

1. Eating – Time to come clean on this one, I like to eat, a lot and its one of my favorite things to do. I have had it under control since last year of University. I lost 20 lbs through weight watchers and have kind of played around ever since. I would gain a few pounds here, then lose a lot there but not enough to worry. I have recently put on about 3-4 kilos, again not the end of the world but is starting to worry me a bit more. I have tried being more accountable for it, but I feel like when you have a little to lose its hard. Its not some epic journey, just an inconvenience. I’m either really into someting and switched on or really not caring. I’m an extremist, there is no middle ground. So TBA on how I plan to tackle weight loss again but its time to address it AGAIN!

2. Running – I thought running would be a means of eating heaps and not gaining much. Well it hasn’t really worked out that way, surprise surprise. I think I’ve gained a bit of muscle and alot more confidance but haven’t lost any kilos. So I think if I lost some weight and trained a bit harder I would start getting some pretty decent results. Again I need to commit a 110% to make this happen rather than 5%. So its time to start reading up about what a runner should eat for a better performance. It would probably be a lot easier to run with less weight to carry around. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not obese or suffering from horrible low self esteem which makes me think I’m fat. I just know I could be doing better and its a very easy slippery slope to putting weight back on. I lost a lot of weight in High School, then put it all back on and then some in Uni.

Originally, it was easy to stay motivated to run, I think it was the fear of the unknown. Now I know how much effort running is, it is a lot more scarier and intimidating than before. 5 kms was hard, now the thought of 10 kms is pretty daunting and terrifying.

Before I read alot of running books, the books really reassured me that I could do it. I’m going to try that again and this time read more nutrion based books to help marry food and running in a better way. I’m debating leaving weight watchers for good, its been a solid 2 years of using the tools on and off. Or I’ll go the other extreme and start attending weight watchers meetings in person, which is pretty intense but could be the kick in the butt I need.

I’m reading a book about accountability, apparently the best way to achieve your goals is to have an accountability buddy. I might start thinking about that approach, finding some one I check in with daily about my progress. I had a person like that for running but I think I need to take it up a notch to include running and food consumption.

I have a lot of decisions to make, first things first is to read up on the topic more and get back into my training. Just writing this blog post and getting everything out in the open is helping a lot. Worst comes to worst I could just be accountable to the Internet which might not be such a bad plan.

As to the blog, this might be a one off post or the beginning of a series of posts about my journey as a super beginner runner with grand aspirations. Only time will tell what happens . . .

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Where the Good Eggs Are!

February 28th, 2011 · brisbane, food

Where the Good Eggs Are!

What : Northshore Riverside Cafe

Where : 257 Macarthur Ave, Hamilton

Joy Factor : 10 out of 10

I have to be honest with you, I was a bit hesitant to blog about this cafe. So you’ll have to promise you can keep a secret . . ..  well that isn’t going to happen on the internet but you get the idea. If you really love a good breaky then this is a good place for you.

The eggs are where it is at! From fried eggs with toast, eggs benedict and the Croque Madame, they’re all extremely tasty. I”m not sure where the eggs come from but they are always a deep yellow color and extremely tasty. They make the eggs from the my local market look sad.

But the eggs aren’t only the best thing, their bircher muesli is loaded with dried cherries and macadamia nuts.

If you want to go for a Sunday drive and check out Northshore it is worth the time. Everyone I send here asks where exactly it is and get lost the first time. It is just tucked away near the gateway to the left of Portside, Hamilton. I’m thinking this cafe will get super busy when the city cat station is complete latter this year.

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City Markets!

February 4th, 2011 · brisbane, food

City Markets!

What: Queen Street City Markets

Where: Queen St Mall, Bridge End.

When: 10am to 6pm

Joy Factor : 7 out of 10

There’s no reason to eat your lunch at your desk in the city on Wednesdays when you can go and check out the city markets. I did just such a thing this week and had a great time. I picked some pretzels from Ace of Cakes and some sausage from the sausage people ( not sure what their name is ). There was heaps on offer from veg, fruit, meat and bread. It was hard to decide what I could carry back to the office. You can easily get carried away with all the great treats available. I planned ahead and brought a little lunch box with an ice block in it. This way I could safely take my sausages back to work and take them home without any stress. The prices are a bit stiffer for a market but isn’t everything more expensive in the city? The markets made for a lovely little outing and I suggest you go if you work in the city too.

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